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The 9 Separate Air Filtration & Purification Technologies Found In
Ultra-Pure™ Air Filtration and Purification Systems


Click Here To Compare Ultra-Pure Air Purifiers to Other Leading Air PurifiersUltra-Pure™ utilizes combinations of 9 separate state-of-the-art technologies to assure that that our customers have not only the best filtered, but the most purified air available. It is only with the use of all of these technologies that we can provide you with the healthiest, cleanest, most odor free home, office and automobile environments available.


Technology #1: Automatic Air Quality Sensors   Automatic Air Quality Sensors:

The Ultra-Pure™  and Advanced PureAir™ Air Shield Air Purifiers feature an optional (on/off) Automatic Air Quality Sensor that continuously monitors the air in your home or office. When the air quality falls below a pre-determined level, the Air Shield will automatically turn on and bring the air back to maximum quality.


How does the Automatic Air Quality Sensor work? The “Function” setting on the Air Shield allows the user to turn on the Automatic Air Quality Sensor. When turned on, the unit continuously samples the surrounding air through a small opening on the front of the unit. When the quality of the air falls to a pre-determined minimum level the air purifier will automatically turn on. If the unit senses a small rise in the surrounding pollutants, such as an increase in pollen from an open door, it will turn the fan on low. If the senor detects a large rise in pollutants, such as Uncle Walter’s cigar, it will turn the fan on high.


The Automatic Air Quality Sensor makes it easy to assure you always have maximum air quality with a minimum level of attention, courtesy of your Ultra-Pure™ Air Purifier.


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Technology #2: Negative Ion Generators   Negative Ion Generators:

The Ultra-Pure™  Air Shield home and room air purifiers have full-time Negative Ion generators. These ions are always produced while the air purifier is turned-on and help continuously purify the air outside the unit.

How do Negative Ion Generators work? Nearly all airborne particles, including dust, smoke, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, have a positive charge, while negative ions, as the name implies, have a negative charge. As a result, of their opposite charges, the negative ions and positive particles magnetically attract each other. The more negative ions there are in the air, the more that stick to the potentially harmful positively charged particles and the heavier these particles become. Eventually, the particles become too weighed down by the negative ions to stay afloat and they fall to earth where they’re removed by normal cleaning activities such as vacuuming or dusting. This prevents them from being inhaled, which in turn, helps to reduce your risk of respiratory tract irritation and other breathing and health problems.

In nature, negative ions are created by sunlight, lightening, ocean waves and waterfalls. Unfortunately, urbanization has significantly disrupted the natural production of negative ions. However, Ultra-Pure™ Air Purifiers ceramic plate technology is able to electronically generate negative ions at a density even Mother Nature can’t match.

Studies have shown that negative ion generators clear smoke, decrease carbon monoxide levels, reduce infections in hospital emergency rooms, reduce driver fatigue and even help relieve clinical depression.


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Technology #3: Washable Foam Pre-Filters   Washable Foam Pre-Filters:

All Ultra-Pure™ home air purifiers are equipped with washable ultra-fine open cell pre-filters to remove larger particles of dust, soot, pollen and pet hair and dander from the air coming into the unit. These filters remove most of the larger pollutants and allergens before they even have a chance to reach the HEPA or other filters. These washable pre-filters also help extend the life and maximize the efficiency of the HEPA filters and the unit as a whole.


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Technology #4: Electrostatic Precipitators   Electrostatic Precipitators:

The Ultra-Pure™ 1000 and Air Shield are equipped with an Electro-Static Precipitator that functions as an electric dust collector trapping dust, soot, pollen, molds, pet dander, and most other airborne pollutants that pass through the Foam Pre-Filters. Like the Foam Pre-Filters, the Electro-Static Precipitator is washable and never needs replacing.

How does the Electrostatic Precipitator work? Nearly all airborne particles, including dust, soot, smoke, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, have a positive charge. The collection grid of the Electro-Static Precipitator has a strong negative charge that attracts and traps the many of positively charged pollutants as the air stream passes through. By removing many of these pollutants before the airflow reaches the HEPA filter the life and effectiveness of the filter and the unit as a whole is extended.

The Precipitator can be easily removed from the unit for cleaning.


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Technology #5: HEPA Filters   HEPA Filters:

The Ultra-Pure™Air Shield home and room air purifiers are all equipped with high-efficiency HEPA filters. 100% of the air purified by all the Ultra-Pure™ home and room units passes through a HEPA filter during the second or third stage of our purification system. This is the best particle filtration available today for suppressing solid and liquid airborne particles including household dust, soot, pollen and even some biological agents like bacteria and germs.

How do HEPA Filters work? HEPA filters, short for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters, were originally developed by the Atomic Energy Commission to remove radioactive dust from their manufacturing plants and are currently recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. They are made from very tiny glass fibers that are tightly woven into a very absorbent air filter. Studies indicate that HEPA filters are 99.97% effective in capturing harmful airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, i.e., 300 times smaller than the width of a single human hair.


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Technology #6: Activated Carbon Filtration:   Activated Carbon Filtration:

While HEPA filters are very effective against most solids and many biologicals, they are not particularly effective against odors, gases and gaseous particles. All Ultra-Pure™ home air purifiers are equipped with Activated Carbon Filters to remove these sorts of contaminants and others that HEPA filters alone may miss.

How does an Activated Carbon Filter work? Used in both air and water filters, activated carbon is simply charcoal that has been treated with oxygen in order to open up millions of tiny microscopic pores between the carbon atoms. As a result, the oxygenated carbon becomes extremely absorbent and is capable of filtering out even the tiniest odorous, gaseous and liquid contaminates. For example, activated charcoal is by far the most effective filter against cigarette smoke and is effective against everything from paint fumes and toilet odors to poison gases and pet smells.

For a more complete list of many of the contaminants that Activated Caron Filters are effective in removing from the air, Click Here.


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Technology #7: Ultraviolet Light Air Purification   Ultraviolet Light Air Purification:

All Ultra-Pure™ home air purifiers are equipped with Ultraviolet Light Air Purification. UV light is highly effective in helping fight biological based diseases caused by viruses, bacteria’s, and molds. This micro-organism fighting technology is recommended by numerous government and private agencies including the Centers of Disease Control, the Air Institute of Respiratory Education and the Air & Waste Management Association. It is also commonly used in many health care facilities to sterilize both the air and medical equipment.

How does UV Light Air Purification work? Ultraviolet (UV) light, in the right concentration and in the correct wave lengths, can kill many harmful micro-organism. Some biologicals are too small to be removed by HEPA filters. Ultra-Pure™ uses a shielded UV lamp operating at the 254 nano-meter wavelength to irradiate the airflow passing through our Air Purifiers. The 254nm Ultraviolet light possesses just the right amount of energy to break organic molecular bonds of the micro-organisms in the air stream. This bond breakage translates into cellular or genetic damage to these microorganisms, such as germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi (like molds), etc. This results in the destruction of these microorganisms.

It is important to note that the Ultra-Pure™ Air Purifiers, shield direct ultraviolet light from escaping from the inside of the unit, exposing direct UV light only to the air that passes through the air purifier making them safe to use anywhere in your home or office.


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Technology #8: Photo-Catalysis TiO2 Air Purification   Photo-Catalysis TiO2 Air Purification:

All Ultra-Pure™ home air purifiers are equipped with Photo-Catalysis TiO2 air purification grids. When coupled with a 254 nm (nanometer) UV light, the Ultra-Pure™ air purification system is significantly more effective at killing airborne biologicals than HEPA only or HEPA and UV only systems. Titanium Dioxide also referred to by its chemical formula TiO², is harmless, opaque and approved for use in many products by the FDA.

How does TiO2 work? Photo catalysis uses ultra violet light striking a Titanium Dioxide (TIO2) target to create oxidation which when coupled with naturally occurring indoor humidity is extremely effective in combating mold, mildew, other household fungi, bacteria, dust mites and a variety of odors.

When the UV light rays hit the titanium dioxide surface, a chemical reaction occurs which produces what are known as hydroxyl radicals. These radicals quickly react with VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), micro bacteria, viruses, etc. to convert them into non-organic matter in the form of water and CO², thus rendering them harmless.

The Ultra-Pure™ multi-stage purification system effectively eliminates many molds, bacteria, viruses and germs as well as helping to neutralize fumes, vapors and chemical odors.


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Technology #9: On-Demand Activated Oxygen Air Purification   On-Demand Activated Oxygen Air Purification:

How does Activated Oxygen work? Activated Oxygen (ozone) is a form of oxygen with three oxygen atoms (O3). Generally only thought of as the naturally occurring gas in the Earth's stratosphere that shields the planet from harmful ultraviolet radiation, it is in fact also a very powerful chemical reactant that can be used to "oxidize," i.e., burn and ultimately destroy, other harmful airborne particles and pollutants. Ozone production is particularly effective against bacteria and mold as well as fighting odors. Better yet, in the process of destroying any dangerous particles in the air, the ozone loses one of its oxygen atoms leaving behind O2... the clean, pure oxygen we need to survive.

In healthy, clean outdoor environments, Activated Oxygen occurs between 0.02 ppm and 0.05 ppm (parts per million). Anything above 0.05 ppm is considered potentially harmful by the FDA and 0.10 by OSHA. However, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to adjust most ozone air purifiers to produce anywhere close to this amount of ozone.

Ultra-Pure™ Air Purifiers however maintain a very healthy ozone production level of 0.025 ppm but still manage to stay a full 50% below the FDA and 75% below the OSHA recommended maximums.


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