Ultra-Pure Air Purifiers use advanced technologies that Oreck®, Ionic Breeze®, Blueair®, Sharp® and other air purifiers just can't match!  

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Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers: AHAM uses independent labs to test and verify the manufacturer's claimed performance standards for home appliances such as air purifiers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Products are then certified by the organization based how successfully they performed.

Clean Air Delivery Rate Consumer Information Site: The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is an air purification industry standard of measurement, developed by AHAM, that describes the number of cubic feet of clean air per minute an air cleaner can provide. In addition to detailing how CADR is measured, the site provides important consumer information about clean air facts and tips, keeping your home allergy free and finding the right air purifier for you and your family.

EPA's Summary of Residential Air Cleaning Devices: This Environmental Protection Agency publication entitled "Residential Air Cleaning Devices: A Summary of Available Information" provides a detailed, albeit somewhat technical, description of the types of air cleaners available to consumers, a general overview of their effectiveness and factors to consider when comparing units. Ultra-Pure air purifiers operate fully within all EPA established safety guidelines.


The company carries a wide variety tested and proven air and water purification products (including our air purifiers) and offers a plethora of information on air and water quality and the benefits of using air and water purifiers.

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