Ultra-Pure Air Purifiers use advanced technologies that Oreck®, Ionic Breeze®, Blueair®, Sharp® and other air purifiers just can't match!  

Manufactured by Real Spirit USA, Inc.


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Comparison Chart: Ultra-Pure & Advanced PureAir vs. the Competition

At  Real Spirit, we could write volumes about why consumers prefer our air purifiers to those of our competitors but there's really no need. The chart below says it all... People buy Advanced PureAir & Ultra-Pure air filtration and purification systems because YOU GET MORE FOR LESS MONEY.  After all, no informed consumer wants to pay more for fewer features and less air cleaning power from our competitors. If the contrast between Ultra-Pure and Advanced PureAir products and theirs were any more stark, we'd have to a call it a "There's No Comparison Chart!"

Air Purifier

Advanced PureAir & Ultra-Pure

Ionic Breeze®

Oreck® XL1

Model 601


MultiPro 3800*


Air Shield

Negative Ion
-- --
HEPA Filter -- --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- --
Optional (On/Off)
Activated Oxygen

(OSHA & EPA Safe Levels)
-- -- -- -- --
Fan to Move
& Cleanse Air
Timer Options
-- -- --
Wireless Remote -- -- -- --
Air Quality
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
Retail Price
$199.00 $299.00 $479.00 $449.95 $369.00 $599.95 $499.00

 * Multi-Pro 3800 is the non-pet branded version of the Pet-Pro 3800 with matching appearance, features, filters and pricing.


1Even though the Oreck® XL Professional® is $110.00 less than the suggested retail price of the our most advanced unit the Advanced PureAir (AP) Air Shield, the Air Shield has more than twice as many features and is currently on sale for only $299.  That means that, for $20 less than the Oreck, you get twice as many features!  In addition, even the Multi-Pro 3800, Pet-Pro 3800 and Duo 8100, all of which are much less expensive than the Oreck®, still have more features for better air quality.

2Despite the fact that the Sharp FPN60CX has less features than Ultra-Pure's mid-range air purifier (the Duo 8100 at $299.00), the Sharp cost $200 more.  It's even $20 more than our highest price unit (the Advance PureAir Air Shield) which has nearly 50% more features than the higher priced Sharp FPN60CX.  Better yet, since the Air Shield is currently on sale for only $299, it's actually $180 less than the pricier Sharp unit even though it has more features than our competitor's unit.


For additional information regarding these technologies, simply click the applicable link or visit our Technologies Page.



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